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Slip into a good night's sleep with our indulgent All In A Day Apparel 100% 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcase and wake up refreshed with a crease-mark free face and frizz-free hair. Our zipper free, envelope design adds extra softness for a scratch free experience. Your skin and hair will thank you for the luxurious beauty treatment every time you sleep. You can double the pampering with our 'Silk Pillowcase Sets'

Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic, making it the natural choice for those with allergies. These luxurious silk fibres help retain skin's moisture and absorb less of your beauty products which mean all those nutrients go into your skin as it should. The naturally smooth surface reduces friction and creasing during your sleep movements, preventing stretching and creasing of the skin, which means fewer wrinkles and hair damage in the long run. The best part? Mulberry silk is naturally thermo-regulating so that you won't get those hot and cold flashes in your sleep.

Mulberry silk is
1 x mulberry silk pillowcase
100% 22 momme mulberry silk

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