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All in a Day Mulberry Silk  is naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating due to the chemical composition of the mulberry leaves that silkworms eat. It is a natural protein fibre, and it is resistant to all allergy microbe or odorous bacteria that try to land on your pillows.  The health benefits of Mulberry Silk are endless.

Silk Momme is a measurement for the weight of the silk fabric. The more weight that a silk has, the longer the silk will last.  Our All in a Day Pillowcases are all 22 momme so they have a beautiful lush finish and are long lasting.

Yes Absolutely – Place your silk item in your washing machine and use a delicate or wool wash with a water less than 30°C /80°F. Always use a silk or wool liquid detergent. After washing, air dry in the shade on a flat surface if possible (do not tumble dry) For more care information – check out our silk care page here.

We would suggest you use a Silk, Wool or Delicate Liquid Detergent to wash you silk items.  For more information – check out our silk care page here.

Do not tumble dry your Mulberry silk – we would suggest you lay it down on a flat surface and air dry in the shade - For more information – check out our silk care page here.

Mulberry silk is a naturally hypoallergenic, Thermo regulating and anti-microbial.  Mulberry Silk is a natural fibre while what we know as “satin” is a synthetic fibre which is petroleum based making it a sad substitute for silk.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcases help to retain the skin's moisture and absorb less of your beauty products, which mean all those nutrients go into your skin. Cotton fibres are structurally more absorbent which results in your  pillowcase absorbing more of your special serums and beauty treatments. 

All In A Day Apparel Mulberry Silk Pillowcase are specifically designed with a satin weave giving it a naturally smooth surface to reduce friction and creasing during your sleep movements. This prevents stretching and creasing of the skin, which means over time, the pillowcase will give you fewer wrinkles and hair damage. In comparison, cotton pillowcases will lead to more friction and creasing during sleep movements.

All in a Day Pillowcases are a standard size pillowcase 50cm x 75cm

Yes, of course! There’s nothing that brightens one’s day like receiving a pretty present on your doorstep. Each of our orders are gift wrapped with care – all items are lovingly wrapped in tissue paper then sealed with our All in a Day Sticker and then shipped in our specially designed pink-a-lious box.

While we love pretty things, we love our planet more. Every piece of All In A Day Apparel packaging is 100% recyclable and our mailing bags are home compostable.

We are always looking to collaborate with creative souls and lovers of silk – if you are interested in collaborating with us please get in touch with us by adding your details to our collabs page here.

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Back-order: Back-order means these items have been so popular they have sold out while new orders have been made with our manufacturer and you can be the first to receive your items when that shipment arrives. If you purchased a back-order item we will keep you updated when your product is ready to ship to you.

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